Maria Rosaria Serritiello borne in  Salerno , daughter of art , expresses her passion for the

     sketch until her infancy.

    In  the 1972 she achieves the maturity to the Artistic high school of Salerno , consecrating

    herself to graphic and pictoric techniques spacing where the art is the being.


   1973 : Technical sketch

   1975 : Ceramic decorations

   1979 : Illustrative and advertising graphics

   1980 : sketches for ceramics

   1989 : Theatrical Scenografie

   1991 : Scenografie wall up them ( Trompe l ‘ oeil )


    always continuing to cultivate the classical painting , with techniques  to oil , acrylic and

    water-colour , without discontinue other important expression of the art: the sculpture  ,

    for which she has picked up notables consents .

    Hers operas represent in public and private collections , in Italy and foreign countries .

   Daily press , periodic and specialized magazines have taken an interest in her art .

   She partecipated to different collectives and competitions .


   On September ’92 comes rewarded for the competition of extemporaneous “Forte la Carnale”

   March and October ’92   personal show to the artistic cultural circle “Duomo”

   December ’93                   she  exposed to the Sanctuary of Pomona (Salerno Cathedral)

   August ’94                       personal show City of Minori (Amalfi coast)

   July and August ’95        personal show Minori and Amalfi

   July and August ’96        personal show Minori and Amalfi

   December ’96                   personal show S.Giovanni di Dio Church in Salerno;

                                           She  showed in the Religious  Craftsmanship to Pompei

   July and August ’97       personal show Amalfi and Minori

   December ’97                  personal show S.Giovanni di Dio Church in Salerno

   July and August ’98       personal show Ravello”Villa Rufolo” Garden

   August ’99                      personal show Amalfi

   June 2000                       personal show Ravello “Villa Rufolo”

   December 2000               personal show Salerno “Grassi Gallery”

   April 2001                      personal  show Salerno “Genovese Palace”

   July 2001                        personal show Amalfi

  August 2003                   personal show “Villa Carrara” Salerno









              …She has inherited , from the father  , the better part than the painting ,

              respecting the sketch , the form and the perspective.That you strikes of her

              painting is the chromatic decision that delineates the subject of first plain ,

              giving  stamina to the opera. Her painting is pleasant , because

              spontaneous and real.

                                                                                               Alfonso Grassi teacher

                                                                                                   (from art in walk)


              …she made herself master of the chromatic procedures of the impressionism

              adapting them to the her artless adherence to the reality of the life.

              …the substance of the color , the solid architecture of the her sketch , the

              trasparency and clearness of the lights , have the power of establish

              a foreseeable dialogue among the picture and who observe it.

                                                                                                 Gabriele d’Alma teacher


              …A rich exposure of states of mind , of sweetness and love for the healty

             values of the life , like in the opera “Escape in Egypt” and “Jesus home of

             Lazzaro”, also in the landcapes and in the nature .

            …The gloomy outlines , the brightness of the colors , an excellent sketch

            does M.R.Serritiello a painter of value deigns continuer of the past pictorial


                                                                                         Giuseppe Armenante painter


            … Figurative and readable landscape-painter , she loves to reproduce on

            her canvas with brushes and paddless soaked in color , of strong dyes , where

            the predominant autumnal tone , a world that , we hope , doesn’t ever

            com to extinguish.

           …Her pictures , with the intense elements of chiaroscuro , obtained from

           lights , shades and deep perspectives , reproduce real themes , annul the

           photographic matrix .The results , decidedly personnels , are dense of lyricism

           and of romantic ecstasy or emotion that connect us at the world of the

          beautiful with the infinity.

                                                                                       Prof.ssa Elena Ostrica painter